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Lexis Advance® Hong Kong provides a comprehensive, practical and critical account of family law, drafted from the viewpoint of experienced practitioners. Our family law content includes in-depth textbooks, specialised law reports on carefully chosen family cases with extensive headnotes, as well as our brand new looseleaf service, Hotten and Ho on Family and Divorce Law in Hong Kong. This first ever looseleaf publication in Hong Kong on family law covers all major aspects in the field including children, marriage and divorce, ancillary relief, ADR, costs, enforcement, injunctions and legal aid. It also includes comprehensive collection of annotated ordinances, and other practical reference materials which help family practitioners with their practice.

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Browse our LexisNexis Online Store for more information on our full collection of print publications published in collaboration with esteemed legal practitioners. You may also browse the following pages for featured print publications that specifically cover family law:


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- Family Law

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Hotten and Ho on Family and Divorce Law in Hong Kong


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