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With a comprehensive range of research tools which cover civil proceedings to alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration and mediation, LexisNexis understands the needs of a litigation lawyer. Starting with Hong Kong Civil Court Practice, the reference work on the Rules of the High Court, to Atkin's Court Forms Hong Kong, to our workflow-based online solution Lexis Advance® Hong Kong Practical Guidance – Dispute Resolution, we provide you with the authorities, precedents and practical insights needed to give you the winning edge in your disputes.

Legal Research

Print Publications

Browse our LexisNexis Online Store for more information on our full collection of print publications published in collaboration with esteemed legal practitioners. You may also browse the following pages for featured print publications that specifically cover dispute resolution:


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- Arbitration and Mediation

- Civil Procedure

- International Law

- Risk and Compliance

Looseleaf Publications

Atkins’ Court Forms Hong Kong


Available on Print, Lexis Advance® Hong Kong


Hong Kong Civil Court Practice


Available on Print, Lexis Advance® Hong Kong & Lexis Red™

Practical Guidance

Hong Kong Dispute Resolution

From the commencement to the enforcement of civil proceedings, Hong Kong Dispute Resolution provides practical insight into all aspects of civil procedure as well as the different methods of alternative dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation.


Available on Lexis Advance® Hong Kong


- Applicable law and jurisdiction
- Limitation
- Injunctions and other relief orders
- Litigation
- Evidence and discovery
- Settlement
- Appeals
- Costs
- Enforcement
- Enforcement – international and PRC
- Mediation
- Arbitration under the Arbitration Ordinance (Cap 609)
- Institutional and ad hoc arbitration
- Competition
- Personal injury
- International guidance


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