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Step 1: Click here to register by providing a valid and active law school student or staff email address  
Step 2: Select “Student” or “Educational Institute Faculty” (for academic staff) of the Organization Type   
Step 3: Select “Law School Student”, “Other Student” or “Faculty” (for academic staff) of the Role 

In the event of the customer(s) failing to provide sufficient and accurate information on the order(s), our Customer Services team shall reach out to the customer(s) via phone and/ or email to verify the prerequisites above. The customer(s) must provide the required information and have the information verified by the Customer Services team within the grace period of 3 working days. Should the customer(s) fail to do so, the order(s) shall be cancelled, and the payment refunded.

In the event of order cancellation, the payment shall be refunded to the customer(s) within 3-4 weeks.

Important Notes:

  • All coupon codes provided to customers including and not limited to NPS coupon codes, scholarship coupon codes, CS campaign coupon codes etc. do not apply to student titles.
  • All matters and disputes are subject to the final decision of LexisNexis Hong Kong.