Hong Kong Family Law Reports

This series is an unrivaled collection of authoritative reported cases of the most significant family law decisions, in all levels, from the Family Court to the Court of Final Appeal.

The only collection of Family decisions from Hong Kong courts

This comprehensive collection of judgments offers evidence of the intellectual arguments surrounding judicial discretion in the full spectrum of family law cases, giving you access to the reliance upon local case law.

Refining your case law research to cater to your specific practice area needs

Clarity and consistency

Headnotes have been regularly lauded for their style, providing case details and in-depth analysis with the practitioner in mind.

Caters to your specific need

Provides an invaluable source of comparative materials on family law decisions from both the Hong Kong courts and Family Law Tribunal.

Strong cross-referencing

Citations are linked to all our other major works such as Halsbury's Laws of Hong Kong, The Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong and other commentary works which means that no important reference is excluded.

Smart and cohesive headnoting

Headnotes include para references to the judgments for ease of reference to the judgment on a particular point because the reader may only be interested in one or two of several different issues covered in a particular judgment.

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