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Why Lexis Advance® Hong Kong?

Lexis Advance® elevates online legal research experience to a new level. Lexis Advance® Hong Kong hosts an extensive content source and incorporates the latest legislation, case law and commentary. In the era of information, it is crucial to access relevant information efficiently to assist you to make better informed legal decisions. We combine smart content with flexible and advanced technology to help you dig deeper, spot hidden connections and analyze better for your legal research. The new Lexis Advance® Hong Kong accelerates the power to connect, communicate and collaborate among teams on the platform, which enhances the synergy within the digital workplace trend.

Lexis Advance® Hong Kong is the winner of the Hong Kong Business Technology Excellence Awards 2019 Online Service for Legal Award!

Legal Research

Lexis Advance® Hong Kong Legal Research hosts an extensive content source and incorporates the latest legislation, case law and commentary for legal research purposes. We have redesigned our search engine by fusing a new algorithm that simplifies your research. Our new Red Search Box is a powerful search engine, which is engineered with advanced compatibilities such as phrase suggest technology, Natural Language search, pre-search and post-search filters.

Practical Guidance

Lexis Advance® Hong Kong Practical Guidance provides legal practitioners with a range of unique practical legal materials written by various legal experts. It comprises with practical resources which guides practitioners through their court applications and lays out contract drafting precedents for them to draft at ease.

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