LexisNexis® 40 UNDER 40 2022 律商聯訊「40位40歲以下精英」榜單

Luping Yu 于魯平

Partner 合夥人

Zhonglun Law firm 北京市中倫律師事務所

LexisNexis® 40 UNDER 40 2022 律商聯訊「40位40歲以下精英」榜單

Luping Yu is an adaptable Lawyer who thrives in different subject-matter environments: the physical, the digital, and the conceptual. He believes that while his work should maximally promote the interests of the clients, it should also be a driving force for the development of the rule of law, and the well-being of society.

To this end, his work in environmental justice and protection has included many public interest litigation cases with significant social impact.

He and his team facilitated a mediation agreement between the respected NGO Friends of Nature and the Guangdong Nanling Forest Scenic Area Management Company. This was the first environmental public interest litigation after the implementation of the new Environmental Protection Law. He’s widely published on legal-environmental issues.

The digital world also benefits from his expertise. He provides full-process legal services for China Search Information Co. Ltd, and he is a legal advisor to the cryptocurrency Ethereum in China. He also provides services to independent cryptocurrency news platforms such as 8btc and Amazon.com.

His work on the corporate control disputes of Bitmain - the world’s leading digital currency miner - helped win the 2021 Zhonglun Best Dispute Resolution Project Award.

Luping and his team wrote Blockchain & The Law - a Zhong Lun Report 2.0 to help the firm win more business in the Fintech area. Utilising his expertise, this Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2022 Recommended Lawyer (Fintech) not only provides these clients with advice but also offers lectures and training, blockchain policy information, and reviews Zhong Lun’s articles on Fintech for publication.

于魯平是一位適應性強的律師,在不同的主題環境中茁壯成長:物理環境、數位環境和概念環境。 他認為,自己的工作既要最大限度地促進當事人的利益,又要成為推動法治發展、造福社會的動力。


他和他的團隊促成了受人尊敬的非政府組織自然之友與廣東省南嶺森林風景區管理公司之間的調解協定。 這是新《環境保護法》實施後的第一起環境公益訴訟。 他發表了大量有關法律環境問題的文章。

數字世界也受益於他的專業知識。 為他為中國蒐索資訊有限公司提供全程法律服務,是中國加密貨幣乙太坊的法律顧問。 他還為8btc和Amazon. com等獨立的加密貨幣新聞平臺提供服務。


于魯平和他的團隊撰寫了區塊鏈與法律——中倫報告2.0,以幫助公司在金融科技領域贏得更多業務。 憑藉其專業知識,這位法律500强亞太地區2022年推薦律師(金融科技)不僅為這些客戶提供建議,還提供講座和培訓、區塊鏈政策資訊,並編輯中倫關於金融科技的文章以供發表。