Lexis Advance® Hong Kong Training Video

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1. First Time Sign In & Preferences

Before beginning your legal research journey on Lexis Advance Hong Kong, you may explore the different settings available to tailor the research experience to your needs.

2. Navigate Publications

You may navigate through publications on Lexis Advance Hong Kong in different ways. If you are unsure of what content is available on the platform, the Browse menu sorts publications by jurisdiction and shows you all sources in your subscription. This also allows you to browse a list of all available international content offerings from LexisNexis as well. If you have a particular publication in mind, you may now utilise the Red Search Box which intuitively helps you access it by either adding it as a search filter opening its table of contents.

3. Natural Language Search

The new Natural Language Search capabilities on Lexis Advance Hong Kong allows you to quickly navigate to relevant cases and commentary from just a few keywords. In addition to your custom search terms, Natural Language Search reaches far beyond to retrieve results containing legal synonyms or legal abbreviations that are relevant to you.

4. Phrase Suggest Technology

Phrase Suggest Technology on Lexis Advance Hong Kong predicts legal phrases, documents and publications relevant to your search terms when you type into the Red Search Box.

5. Terms & Connectors

The Terms & Connectors search capabilities on Lexis Advance Hong Kong allows you to narrow down your search within specific parameters. From locating all linguistic variations of a legal term, to restricting the proximity of your legal terms to a specific range, to specifically pinpointing synonyms of legal terms, Lexis Advance Hong Kong supports a plethora of connectors for you to tailor your search to your needs.

6. Chinese Search

By law, English and Chinese are official languages of the courts in Hong Kong, so Lexis Advance Hong Kong supports searches for cases adjudicated in Chinese. You may also utilize Chinese searches in conjunction with our Hong Kong Bilingual Dictionary to locate the bilingual legal definitions of a wide array of legal terms.

7. Pre-Search Filters

The Red Search Box is the starting point of your legal research on Lexis Advance Hong Kong. To make your research more efficient, you can utilise the various pre-search filters available next to the Red Search Box to narrow down your search for more relevant results, such as Jurisdiction, Content Type, and Legal Topics.

8. Post-Search Filters

Searching for cases and secondary materials with keywords may yield hundreds or thousands of results. With the help of Post-Search Filters on Lexis Advance Hong Kong, you can filter the results to the most relevant documents to you with ease.

9. Case Features

Your legal research does not end after you locate the relevant judgments for your case. In addition to the extensive search functions on Lexis Advance Hong Kong, various tools are available when viewing judgments and different documents to help you navigate to the extracts most relevant to you.

10. Document Delivery

The Document Delivery Options on Lexis Advance Hong Kong helps you download single or multiple documents for easy viewing in different formats, including court-ready versions from our reported judgment collection.

11. Advanced Search

The Advanced Search function on Lexis Advance Hong Kong enables you to refine your search within specific sections of a document, with tailored search forms for different content types from cases, legislation, secondary materials, to forms & precedents. These search forms may be used in tandem to serve different purposes, either to retrieve specific cases through a case number, or pinpointing the cases that discuss a particular legal issue at length.

12. Quick Find

When there is a specific Hong Kong case or legislation that you want to locate, the Quick Find tool on Lexis Advance Hong Kong will bring you to that document with pinpoint accuracy. The Annotated Legislation option further allows you to conduct a quick search within our Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong for instant access to commentary materials focused on a specific Hong Kong ordinance.

13. Dictionary & Translation

The Hong Kong Bilingual Legal Dictionary on Lexis Advance Hong Kong provides you with the English and Chinese definitions of legal terminology, written and edited exclusively by esteemed practitioners. You may either add the source as a pre-search filter or use the advanced search form for secondary materials to search within the source to access the Hong Kong Bilingual Legal Dictionary.

14. Alerts

For those who would like to stay updated on legal developments, Lexis Advance Hong Kong allows you to create customisable topic alerts and search alerts so you may receive email updates whenever there are new cases or legislative update about a particular area of law, or when we publish new updates within our commentary collection on those areas.

15. History

Lexis Advance Hong Kong maintains a detailed record of your research history so you may easily refer to previous searches. In addition to tracking your search keywords and filters, your History log can be filtered based on the different activities you undertake on the platform. From the documents and table of contents you have viewed to the documents you have downloaded, these extensive History features take you straight to the relevant documents you have accessed before.

16. Introducing Practical Guidance

Lexis Advance Hong Kong seamlessly integrates research-based content and Practical Guidance into one platform. You may explore Practical Guidance at the click of a button and browse our collection of constantly updated precedents, practice notes, checklists, and more within essential practice areas to enhance your day-to-day workflow.

17. Practical Guidance Collection

Our Practical Guidance collection offers a wide range of documents distinct from our research materials to streamline your everyday work, including Overviews, Practice Notes, Precedents, Checklists & Flowcharts, and Legislation trackers. These documents are continuously updated to reflect the latest developments in the law, enabling you to efficiently resolve matters and assist your clients with speed and confidence.