Technical Support

Troubleshoot and guideline for resetting your password

What should I do if my Lexis account freezes or shows error message during case search?

You may download the troubleshooting steps below for different browsers:

Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 8+



How to change Lexis Advance® Hong Kong password, registered email, or security question on Lexis HK?

1. Select “More” from the top right-hand corner of the screen.

2. Select “Sign-In Profile”

3. Input new information on the fields you want to update. Click “Save”.

What are the rules for changing password?

Your password:

  1. Must contain 8 to 50 characters
  2. May not contain spaces
  3. Must contain at least 3 of the following 4 kinds of characters:
    1. Upper-case letters
    2. Lower-case letters
    3. Numbers
    4. Special characters (like @ # $ %)
  4. May not include your ID
  5. May not be the same as any of your previous 5 passwords

What should I do if I forgot my User ID?

If you've forgotten your ID, click this link to request it. As a reminder, your ID:

  • Must contain 8 to 50 characters
  • May not contain spaces
  • Can contain the following special characters: ! $ & ' * - ? ^ _ ` { } ~ . @