LexisNexis Asia Virtual Summit 2021

Day 1

Date: 8 July 2021 (Thursday) | Time: 13:00 - 15:30 (Japan Time) | Language: Japanese

Start with the theme of "Global Compliance" and "Global Risk (External Application)" which brings together experts to introduce keynotes and essential solutions on Governance, Risk and Compliance.

As the globalization of companies progresses, an increasing number of companies are seeking ways to "ensure the effectiveness of governance for the entire group". In order to carry out effective management on the premise of different cultures and values, a bird's-eye view is required to have a clear perspective on the people who worked in different regions and the types of “internal risk” that exist in different business units, without being distracted by “external risk”.

Day 1 Agenda

Day 2

Date: 9 July 2021 (Friday) | Time: 10:00 - 13:00 (Hong Kong Time) | Language: English

This brings together legal minds in discussing the legal and business operations in an increasingly globalize and digitalize setting. With the increased pressure for businesses to modernize, digitalize and automate, in-house legal teams today are facing a unique position to make an impact in response to digitalization both within their departments and for their organizations. Geopolitical and international developments also bring about increased uncertainty, heightened complexity, and more need for compliance. The modern legal function is developing a holistic view of the landscape and connecting its legal capabilities across borders.

Day 2 Agenda

Who Should Attend?

Chief Legal Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, CEO, Company Secretaries, Country/ General / Corporate / In House / Legal Counsels / Heads and Senior Professionals in charge of:

  • Legal Affairs
  • Company/ Contract Law
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Legal Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Commercial and Enforcement Counsel

Terms & Conditions:

  • LexisNexis reserves the right to alter the venue, timings and terms and conditions of this seminar at any time in the event that the seminar cannot be held due to circumstances beyond the control of LexisNexis including severe weather.
  • LexisNexis reserves the right to amend, add, or remove any of the above terms and conditions or terminate the offer without prior notice.
  • In the event of any dispute, the decision of LexisNexis shall be final.
You should be aware that RELX has a policy in respect of the recording of meetings (whether on Teams or any other system). The meeting for which this meeting notice is relevant may be recorded. In accordance with the Policy, the business reason for recording this meeting is to allow those who could not attend to watch the meeting. It will be held for a limited period in accordance with RELX Record Management policies before being deleted (if appropriate). If you have any concerns/queries/objections to this meeting being recorded you should contact a member of the Legal department or the Global Compliance team where the matter will be considered and determination made in accordance with the appropriate RELX policy and applicable law.