The development and consideration of new AML/CTF rules for money lending in Hong Kong

Based on international organization FATF’s request, the Company Registry issued on Sep 2020 a revised guideline on Anti-Money Laundering compliance for licensed money lenders, requiring them to establish “independent audit function”, “risk assessment framework”, “application of risk-based approach”, “suspicious transaction reporting systems”, “frequency and extent of the review”, “review from external parties where appropriate” and to focus on “independent reviews”, “regular review”, “ensuring effectiveness”, “compliance function”, “level of awareness”, “business nature, size and complexity of the businesses and the ML/TF risks”. The regulatory body may conduct random on-site inspection and pre-licence-renewal checking for level and details of the implementation. Licensed money lenders should regularly assess its AML/CFT risks. This webinar series covers 3 major areas: (1) Regulatory Requirements (Apr 9); (2) Practical Measures (Apr 16) and (3) Independent Audit Function (Apr 23),  which will be of interest to money lenders.

About the Webinar

It has been reported that the COVID-19 pandemic is projected to have caused the global economy to decline by about 5% in 2020. Government stimulus plans and quantitative easing have started around the world to support businesses and economies. Low to zero interest rates and the rise in stock and property markets seems to be fueling demands for funds and a booming money lending market. This webinar will look into the AML/CTF rules for money lending in Hong Kong for those who run a money lending business or engage in money lending as an investment to ensure that the relevant AML laws and rules are complied with.

Key highlights

  • An overview of the AML/CTF law and rules for money lending in Hong Kong
  • Powers of law enforcement agencies and regulators
  • Recent AML/CTF cases relevant to money lending
  • What to do if your bank accounts are “frozen” due to suspected breach of AML law

Webinar Schedule

Date: 9 April 2021 (Thursday) | Time: 12:00nn - 1:00pm | Language: Cantonese

Terms & Conditions:

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