C-Integrity Hong Kong 2020 Livestream Webinar

Sharing insights on using technology and data to improve customer experience and competitiveness on legal research

On May 21st of this year, LexisNexis Hong Kong was once again one of a handful of sponsors for the C-Integrity Hong Kong 2020 Livestream Webinar (previously organized by Innoxcell and called the Innoxcell Annual Symposium). There, our own Timothy Ho acted as representative speaker for the session dedicated to LexisNexis with the title “LegalTech: Embracing digital transformation to improve competitive positioning”. It was a great opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise in the legal arena, as well as showcase our technological prowess.

The C-Integrity Hong Kong Series 2020 focus on the digital and tech era of legal and regulatory compliance. In particular, how do in-house legal, compliance and risk professionals manage the core matters such as disputes, litigations, frauds, investigations and regulatory compliances with disruptive technology and understand data set that help businesses to mitigate risk, drive efficiency and bring value to stakeholders.