The Professional Conduct of Lawyers in Hong Kong

The Professional Conduct of Lawyers in Hong Kong is an unrivaled text on professional conduct and ethics in Hong Kong, providing in-depth analysis on the application of the Bar Code, the Prosecution Code and the Solicitor's Guide to Professional Conduct

This 5 binder looseleaf title is intended to provide up-to-date information, discussion, and a thorough analysis of the practice, principle, and regulation of the legal profession in Hong Kong. Legal practitioners, be it solicitors, barristers, the judiciary, government officials, prosecutors, in-house counsel, foreign and overseas lawyers or students, have become particularly susceptible to the interplay of regulation with professional responsibility considerations when taking up the task of advising and representing clients. The text is aimed at assisting practitioners to stay alert of duties and responsibilities, and understand and maintain the high standards of conduct that is expected of the legal profession in Hong Kong.

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Table of Contents
  •  Introduction to the Legal Profession in Hong Kong
  •  The Sources of Lawyers' Legal and Ethical Duties
  •  Admission to Practice
  • The Nature of the Solicitor's Practice and the Solicitor's Management of His Office
  • Practice Promotion and the Obtaining of Business
  • The Retainer
  • Remuneration
  • Confidentiality and Legal Professional Privilege
  • Conflicts of Interests and Duties
  • Competence, Quality of Service and Negligence
  • The Litigation Solicitor
  • Professional Undertakings
  • Solicitor's Relations with Third Parties and Solicitor's Duty to the Public and to His Profession
  • Employed Solicitors
  • Solicitors and the Disciplinary Process
  • Admission to Practice
  • The organisation of Chambers
  • Counsel's Relationship with Instructing Solicitor: Taking Instructions and the Scope of Counsel's Authority
  • Negotiation and Recovery of Fees
  • The Duties of the Barrister to The Public and to His Profession
  • Practice Promotion, Advertising and Publicity
  • The Barrister's Duty to the Lay Client and to Opposing Parties
  • The Advocate's Conduct Before Trial and in Court
  • Employed Barristers and Non-Practising Barristers
  • Barristers and the Disciplinary Process
  • The Duties of Counsel for the Prosecution
  • Norman Hui, Barrister-at-law (Hong Kong), Senior Teaching Consultant (University of Hong Kong)
  • Ken T.C. Lee, (LLB, BCL), Barrister-at-Law (Hong Kong), Fellow of Arbitrator (FHKI Arb)
  • Gary C.C. Leung, (LLB, BSc), Barrister-at-Law (Hong Kong), CEDR Accredited Mediator
  • Harprabdeep Singh, (LLB, BCL), Barrister-at-Law (Hong Kong), ACIArb
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Updates: The content is updated 4 times a year to accommodate new cases, legislative changes, as well as updates in the practice and procedure in this area of law.

Format: Looseleaf set (5 binders), Lexis Advance® Hong Kong & Lexis Red™

ISBN: 9789812365682

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