Hong Kong Employment Ordinance: An Annotated Guide

Hong Kong Employment Ordinance: An Annotated Guide provides complete, extensive, and authoritative annotations and commentary to the Employment Ordinance (Cap 57)

This unparalleled work provides comprehensive and detailed discussion and analysis on the application and effect of the Employment Ordinance in Hong Kong. Illustrated by real life examples detailing the practical effect of the legislation in Hong Kong, this guide includes detailed cross-references to local and international cases, legislation and regulations relevant to individual sections of the Ordinance. Definitions of key terms provide an easy understanding of the provisions and their intended effect. The Hong Kong Employment Ordinance: An Annotated Guide is highly relevant to employers, human resource departments and employment law practitioners: an essential addition to all professional libraries.

Providing answers to questions of law and fact, with a flip of a page, a click of a mouse,  or a swipe on your screen
Keep abreast of the latest developments
Stay up to date with the latest decisions and changing regulations across multiple jurisdictions, with content updated on a bi-monthly basis.
An authoritative voice
Highly regarded content written by experts in the field, and have been cited in over a hundred Hong Kong judgments and academic discussions.
Advise with confidence
Equip yourself with the most obvious to the most obscure principles, cases, and points of law, and its application in various jurisdictions.
A streamlined research experience
Alphabetically indexed Table of Cases, Table of Legislation and comprehensive subject index  provides a systematic research experience and optimises relevant search results.
Original Authors

Michael Downey, BA, LLB, LLM

Jennifer Van Dale, BA, LLB, PCLL

Current Contributor

Patricia Yeung, Partner, Howse Williams

More Information

Updates: The content is updated 2 times a year to accommodate new cases, legislative changes, as well as updates in the practice and procedure in this area of law.

Format: Looseleaf set (2 binders), Lexis Advance® Hong Kong & Lexis Red™

ISBN: 9789627904229

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