General FAQs – About Lexis® OpvisorTM

What is Lexis® OpvisorTM?

Lexis® Opvisor™ is an operation advisory solution which acts as an internal resource center for corporates in Hong Kong. It is a cost-effective solution for non-legally trained executives. We provide the right advice for different business activities in layman’s terms in order to help you meet the industry standards and demand of an increasingly complex business environment.

What content is included in Lexis® OpvisorTM?

We offer 7 topic modules covering different business tasks with clear and practical advices in English. The topic modules include Sales, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Procurement, Office Administration, and Information Technology. We work alongside a panel of industry experts and legal practitioners to provide practical advices for your business tasks.

How do I subscribe to modules in Lexis® OpvisorTM?

Please contact your Account Manager or fill in the contact form as below.

How do I login to Lexis® OpvisorTM?
  • Lexis® Opvisor™ is an online platform. If you are only subscribing to Opvisor™, you may sign in with your registered email and password. Please click here to login.
  • If you are subscribing to other LexisNexis products such as Lexis Advance® , please feel free to use the Lexis Advance® sign-in page. After signing in, please click the 'Product Switcher' button at the top left corner and select Lexis® Opvisor™. You may also set your start page to Opvisor by clicking “Settings” in “More” button at the top left corner.
How do I read content on Lexis® OpvisorTM?

In Opvisor™ homepage, please select the business function module that you would like to explore. Then it directs to a list of business tasks in the selected module. Next, please click the task that you would like to read, then you would be able to access the content.

How do I update my account profile?

Please click “More” at top right corner in Opvisor™ homepage, select “Sign-in Profile” and you may update and save your account information.

How do I provide feedback?

Please click “More” at top right corner in Opvisor™ homepage. Select “Feedback” and fill in the form.

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