What is Lexis+® Hong Kong?

Surfacing the legal insights and intelligence that drive success, Lexis+® Hong Kong is your all-in-one ecosystem of integrated legal solutions that offers precise search results and profound insights for you to make better informed and data-driven decisions expeditiously.

With all the comprehensive research technologies integrated into Lexis+® Hong Kong, you can now enjoy seamless research experience, from pinpointing every single case issue, finding relevant cases and in-depth content for your legal arguments and document drafting, and learning the different workflow across multiple practice areas, to refining your legal drafting in a one-stop revolutionary platform.

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Your legal research journey

Lexis+® Hong Kong harnesses the power of advanced technology to pinpoint related and relevant legal issues and analyse your case outcome in an intuitive visualization based on historical case law data. Spot your winning strategy at a glance with Lexis+® Hong Kong.

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Get access to Lexis+® Hong Kong’s resourceful library and find all kinds of in-depth legislation, case law and commentary materials for your legal arguments or document drafting, directly from the Search Bar, using either natural languages or terms & connectors. With only a few clicks, our advanced search engine and algorithm will deliver accurate and relevant cases to you.

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Lexis+® Hong Kong guides you through the court applications and lays out legal drafting precedents for you to draft at ease. Learn the new workflow from a wide range of unique practical legal materials and resources across 8 different practice areas, written by experienced Hong Kong legal experts.

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Leverage Lexis+® Hong Kong’s state-of-the-art AI technologies to analyse your legal document drafts and deliver recommendations in relevant clauses to perfect your outputs.

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Precise. Labour-saving. User-friendly. Seamless.

Combining advanced AI technologies, i.e. GPT3.5, machine learning, large language models and more, into LexisNexis's legal analytical, research and drafting solutions, Lexis+® Hong Kong delivers accurate and relevant results within minutes, saving hours of your valuable time that would otherwise spent on complicated legal tasks.

Why Lexis+® Hong Kong?

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Lexis+® Hong Kong integrates AI and GPT-powered technologies to enhance search results, providing you with relevant results instantly from our resourceful library containing millions of carefully curated legal content.

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With Lexis+® Hong Kong, you can accomplish your legal tasks quickly and efficiently. You can obtain data-driven analytical results, find reference documents, proofread your clauses, and more—all in just a matter of minutes.

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Introducing a brand new and modern interface, Lexis+® Hong Kong allows you to customise your homepage by pinning your favourite or recently viewed publications, and rearranging them according to your preference and research habits.

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Switching between platforms in LexisNexis solutions has never been easier. With Lexis+®
Hong Kong, you can enjoy a seamless legal research and drafting journey by jumping
between all analytical, research and drafting tools on one single platform.

Introducing Lexis+® Hong Kong

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