Lexis® China

The essential Chinese-English bilingual database, tailored for the China market.

Lexis® China is a flagship legal information database product released by LexisNexis in China. Since its launch in 2005, Lexis® China has earned wide acclaim from legal professionals. For over a decade, the database has been continuously updating its content and functions. In addition to building a massive collection of laws and regulations, Lexis® China supports a one-stop search for Chinese-English bilingual legal articles, tracks hot topics, emerging issues and updates in key legal areas, and provides multi-dimensional and in-depth legal commentary and analysis to improve work efficiency for legal practitioners and inform law enforcement decisions.

Lexis® China Practical Guidance has concentrated a substantial amount of expert opinions and leaders’ wisdom. As practitioners and influencers in the legal profession, they truly understand the needs and problems in different areas of the law and can really help you improve work efficiency and personal value.

Covers all topics in the relevant practice areas. Every topic will be provided with a wide range of information series. It allows you to easily deal with a variety of practical issues. Even in less familiar topics, you can also quickly find the reference and solution to help you constantly expand your business area and improve your knowledge base.

Lexis® China is:


With more than 3 million primary data entries, 33 legal practice areas and comprehensive coverage of the laws and judicial precedents promulgated by the PRC Government since 1949.


Primary statute and judicial precedent data are all from official and authoritative sources. All other content is written by the country's top experts.


Lexis® China administers real-time monitoring of the governmental and news agency information sources, ensuring that databases are updated accordingly.


Our intelligent search engines deliver focused, refined search results. Content is intuitively classified by legal themes, workflows, industries and fields for easy navigation and faster research.

Key features:


Massive data and industry-leading content
Diverse content published by official sources and top leaders
Multi-dimensional analysis and interpretation
High-quality legal translation
Rigorous insights into trending legal topics
Expert reports and analysis
Official interpretation of laws
Full-coverage practical guidance solutions
Latest laws, cases, news and article updates
Intelligence search algorithm
Personalised content recommendations
Free English translation-on-demand


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