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Intelligent Analytical System

Experience a paradigm shift in your case discovery phase with the competitive intelligence you need in conceptualizing your strategy for future litigation.

Begin with inputting facts and legal issues into the search box. The AI identifies key facts, legal issues, cause of action, offences from the inserted free text, and shares with you the legal issue outcome analytics based on historical data of judicial decisions.

In-depth Analysis with
Powerful Analytics

Our powerful platform reshapes the practice of litigation from long hours of extensive research into minutes of actionable insights.

The sophisticated AI integrated into the Legal Issue Relationship Graph identifies the most relevant legal issues extracted from your brief and recommends any missing key legal issues that may also be relevant to your case. This allows you to visualize the close relationships between various legal issues and the “popularity” or number of occurrences of each legal issue based on historical judicial decisions, offering you a more comprehensive legal research experience all in one graph.

Uncover Key Historical Judicial Decisions with Data-Driven Insights

Uncover legal issues, reference patterns and outcomes to support your legal practice. Discover insights into litigation outcomes regarding the same and/or similar key legal issues and material facts to your case brief with the Case Outcome Analysis charts. You may utilize the filtering features to narrow down the scope into a specific legal issue or fact to analyze the percentages of favorable and unfavorable outcomes.

Build Your Case on the Best Authority

Check out the judicial treatment data to understand the authoritative strengths of the cases. At a glance, you can see the number of adjudicated historical cases with different judicial outcomes such as whether the legal issue concerned was established or not or in part, including a link to the full text on Lexis Advance® Hong Kong.

Recommended Cases expedite your case law research and pinpoint the cases relevant to your case brief. Lexis® Analytics Hong Kong, powered by AI and data technology, retrieves a list of judicial decisions from our historical case law data based on analyzing the key legal issues and material facts of your case brief.

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