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Content without Boundaries

International Legal Coverage.


With international legal expertise connections since 1818, Lexis Advance® allows you to access legal resources across different jurisdictions efficiently. With Lexis Advance®, you could conduct research with international legislation, cases, encyclopaedic titles like Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong and The Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong, and authoritative international commentaries on specific legal practice areas. With reputable titles from Atkin’s Court Forms to Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents, as well as our suite of practical content on Lexis Advance® Hong Kong Practical Guidance, our practical resources guide you through your court applications and contract drafting with ease. The new streamlined approach provides an efficient and smart interface to access thousands of international legal materials from legislations and cases to secondary materials.





Personalise your legal research experience on a new level with the new Folders feature on Lexis Advance® Hong Kong. Highlight and annotate key documents of interest with our built-in tools directly on the platform and save them to customised folders. Share these folders and annotations among your own teams, clients or other Lexis Advance® Hong Kong users for seamless collaboration. Save your legal research into archival collection and access them anywhere.





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