LexisNexis® 40 UNDER 40 2022 律商聯訊「40位40歲以下精英」榜單

Ye Zhao 趙燁

Partner 合夥人

Jingtian & Gongcheng 競天公誠律師事務所

LexisNexis® 40 UNDER 40 2022 律商聯訊「40位40歲以下精英」榜單

Ye Zhao is a leader in the field of intellectual property, bringing a rare combination of technical expertise and breakthrough creative solutions to legal quandaries.

He demonstrated a strong interest in technological innovation and the issues it raised while studying at Peking University. His intense focus led to him taking lead in many important cases as a junior associate, which is not common in China’s top eight Red Circle law firms.

As a Partner, he focuses on cases at the cutting edge of intellectual property and antitrust law. Clients praise him for “really bringing the heat” with his expertise in complex Standard Essentiality Patent (SEP) ligation.

A veteran of benchmark cases representing top Chinese and international technology companies, his cases attract IP researchers and leading economists, as they are often legal firsts.

These include the first case in which the Supreme Court ruled that China has global rate jurisdiction over SEPs (Oppo v. Sharp); the first anti-monopoly dispute involving SEP (Huawei v. IDC); and the first unfair competition litigation involving big data on the internet (Sina Weibo v. Maimai).

In teamwork, Mr. Zhao shows charisma and professional strength as he leads his people to deliver high-quality legal services in fast-paced and demanding projects.

He shares his passion for integrating IP theory and practice by speaking at global IP forums including the Annual Berkley-Tsinghua Conference on Transnational IP Litigation.

Even while delivering keynote speeches he presents ‘on the fly’ with his unique and creative insights always capturing the audience’s attention.


在北京大學學習期間,他對技術創新及其引發的問題表現出濃厚的興趣。 他的專注使他在許多重要案件中擔任初級律師,這在中國排名前八的紅圈律師事務所並不常見。

作為合夥人,他專注於知識產權和反壟斷法最前沿的案件。 客戶稱讚他在複雜標準本質專利(SEP)結紮方面的專業知識“真的帶來了熱”。

作為代表中國和國際頂尖科技公司的基準案例的老手,他的案例吸引了知識產權研究人員和頂尖經濟學家,因為他們往往是法律上的第一人。 其中包括最高法院裁定中國對SEP擁有全球利率管轄權的第一個案件(Oppo訴Sharp); 涉及SEP的第一起反壟斷糾紛(華為訴IDC); 以及首例涉及互聯網大數據的不正當競爭訴訟(新浪微博訴邁邁)。

在團隊合作中,趙先生展現了個人魅力和專業實力,帶領他的員工在快節奏和高要求的項目中提供高品質的法律服務。 他在全球知識產權論壇(包括伯克利-清華跨國知識產權訴訟年度會議)上發表演講,分享了他對綜合知識產權理論和實踐的熱情。 即使在發表主題演講時,他也會以其獨特而富有創意的見解“即時”呈現,始終吸引觀眾的注意力。