LexisNexis® 40 UNDER 40 2022 律商聯訊「40位40歲以下精英」榜單

Wai Keung William Wong 黃偉強

Partner 合夥人

Howse Williams 何韋律師行

LexisNexis® 40 UNDER 40 2022 律商聯訊「40位40歲以下精英」榜單

Wai-Keung William Wong is lauded by colleagues and clients as a “highly responsive and seasoned professional”. These descriptions reflect a man whose unusual career path is built from seizing opportunities and rising to new challenges.

In the early days of his legal practice, he was seconded to work with the litigation counsel of a major investment bank. A year later, the bank unusually offered him a full-time in-house litigation role. William seized this rare opportunity; but upon joining, an internal reorganisation changed his role to a Compliance Manager.

Unfazed, he immersed himself in Compliance demonstrating his strong connection and collaboration abilities while liaising with senior management, regulators and clients. He then moved on to a Legal role at another major investment bank.

After several years in-house, he realised his true passion was working with multiple clients. In 2014, he joined Clifford Chance, a platform where he established himself as one of the few tri-lingual regulatory lawyers in Hong Kong with both in-house and private practice experience. In April 2022, he moved to Howse Williams as a Partner, upon introduction by a significant client of the firm.

William dedicates himself to adding value, and clients sense he truly partners with them, giving user-friendly counsel. He is often contacted first for legal advice, making adroit referrals as necessary. A sign of his reputation is that since he joined Howse Williams as a Partner, an upswing in billings and clients in the Regulatory Practice of Howse Williams followed.

William actively nurtures future talent: in private practice, he supports the graduate recruitment program and supervises interns and trainee solicitors. He also volunteers at the charity ACO which increases underprivileged students’ exposure to international educational experiences and career networking. He has inspired many to pursue law.

Wai Keung William Wong (黃偉強)被同事和客戶稱讚為“反應迅速且經驗豐富的專業人士”。這些描述反映了他的不同尋常的職業道路,並善於抓住機會和迎接新挑戰。

在他開展法律事業早期,他被借調到一家大型投資銀行擔任訴訟律師工作。一年後,銀行出乎意料地為他提供了一個全職的內部訴訟律師職位。 William抓住了這個難得的機會; 但加入時,銀行內部重組將他的職位改為合規經理。


當了幾年內部律師後,他意識到自己真正的熱情點是與不同客戶合作。 2014 年,他加入了高偉紳律師事務所,在該平台上,他成為了香港少數同時具備內部和私人執業經驗的三語監管律師之一。2021年4月,在一個重要客戶的介紹下,他轉到何韋律師行擔任合夥人。


William積極培養未來的人才:在私人執業中,他協助畢業生招聘計劃並監督實習生和實習律師。他亦在慈善機構 ACO 做志願者,該機構向貧困學生提供接觸國際教育經驗和職業網絡的機會。他激勵了許多年輕人踏上追求法律的事業路。