LexisNexis® 40 UNDER 40 2022 律商聯訊「40位40歲以下精英」榜單

Philip Chan 陳嘉信

Partner 合夥人

Haiwen & Partners LLP 海問律師事務所有限法律責任合夥

LexisNexis® 40 UNDER 40 2022 律商聯訊「40位40歲以下精英」榜單

Philip has accumulated more than 16 years of professional experience in leading companies and law firms. Before joining Haiwen, Philip was the General Counsel of a Hong Kong-listed company with over HK$10 billion of market capitalisation. He led the company’s legal team in advising on the legal aspects of compliance, investigation, and investment/divestment transactions.

Philip  also acted as a Senior Legal Counsel in a Fortune 500 company and a Consultant at Clifford Chance in Shanghai and Hong Kong, where he accumulated extensive experience in the industry.  He specialises in Hong Kong capital market transactions and cross-border M&As, especially in IPOs and private and public M&As.

Philip joined Haiwen's Hong Kong office as a partner in 2019, and has been leading the office’s corporate finance practice since then, with a focus on equity capital markets, company law and listed companies' compliance matters. Despite the turbulent economy, the office has grown in terms of size and revenue during the pandemic years.

Earlier this year, Philip led the team to represent Clarity Medical in its successful listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Philip's team has also assisted Suchuang Gas in its privatisation and delisting from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange by way of scheme of arrangement.

In addition to his achievements in the business sector, Philip was a member of the Hong Kong Law Society Pro Bono Committee.

陳嘉信(Philip Chan)律師在領先的公司和律師事務所積累了超過 16 年的專業經驗。在加入海問(Haiwen)之前,陳律師是一家市值超過 100 億港元的香港上市公司的總法律顧問。他領導公司的法律團隊,就合規、調查和投資/撤資交易的法律方面提供建議。 陳律師還曾在一家財富 500 強公司擔任高級法律顧問,並在上海和香港的高偉紳律師行(Clifford Chance)擔任顧問,在行業積累了豐富的經驗。他擅長香港資本市場交易和跨境併購,尤其是首次公開募股及公開市場和私募的併購交易。

自 2019 年以合夥人身份加入海問香港辦事處以來,陳律師一直領導海問香港的企業融資業務,專注於股權資本市場、公司法和上市公司的合規事務。儘管經濟動盪,海問香港的規模和收入在疫情期間均錄得增長。

今年初,陳律師帶領團隊代表清晰醫療在香港聯交所成功上市。 陳律師的團隊亦協助蘇創燃氣以協議計劃形式在港交所私有化及退市。