LexisNexis® 40 UNDER 40 2022 律商聯訊「40位40歲以下精英」榜單

Hua Zhang 張華

Head of Legal & Risk Control Department 合規風控負責人

Huatai Innovative Investment Co.Ltd 華泰創新投資有限公司

LexisNexis® 40 UNDER 40 2022 律商聯訊「40位40歲以下精英」榜單

Hua Zhang’s self-confessed spirit of adventure is interwoven with her excellent performance across several domains. She started her legal career as a tax consultant for Deloitte and took this path because she believed a lawyer should add extra value to their legal work.

Two years later she joined Jun He as a Senior Lawyer for one of the top law firms in China. She’s grateful that the Partners cultivated her as a key team member for several M&A transactions involving multinational and State-owned companies. As a result, she developed exquisite skills for dealing with complex business deals.

After starting work with Qihoo 360 and Yixin group as an internal lawyer, she gained experience reviewing investment projects closely with the investment and finance teams. She enjoyed the deeper level of project understanding this provided, and it whetted her appetite for the difficult projects she’d get when she moved to Huatai.

When HTSC took on HTSC Innovative as its strategic platform for Fintec investment, Hua become head of the Legal and Risk Control Department of HTSC Innovative. She selected her legal team and helped select the investment team.

Although Hua describes the team’s involvement as “soldiers running into battle near gunpowder” she finds the whole investment process, from start-up to pre-IPO unicorn, meaningful and challenging. She believes that corporate legal delivers value by finding alternative solutions to problems.

張華自認的冒險精神與她在多個領域的出色表現交織在一起。 她以德勤稅務顧問的身份開始了她的法律職業生涯,並選擇了這條道路,她認為律師應該為他們的法律工作新增額外的價值。

兩年後,她加入君合,擔任中國頂級律師事務所之一的高級律師。 她很感激合夥人將她培養成為多宗涉及跨國公司和國有企業的並購交易的關鍵團隊成員。 因此,她培養了處理複雜商業交易的精湛技巧。

在奇虎360和Yixin集團擔任內部律師後,她獲得了與投融資團隊密切合作審查投資項目的經驗。 她很享受這提供的更深層次的項目理解,這讓她對搬到華泰後遇到的困難項目產生了興趣。

當HTSC將華泰創新作為其金融科技投資的戰略平臺時,張華成為華泰創新的合規風控部的負責人。 她選擇了她的法律團隊,並幫助選擇了投資團隊。

儘管張華將團隊的參與描述為“阿兵哥在火藥附近奔跑”,但她發現從初創公司到上市前獨角獸的整個投資過程既有意義又具有挑戰性。 她認為,公司法務通過尋找問題的替代解決方案來創造價值。