LexisNexis® 40 UNDER 40 2022 律商聯訊「40位40歲以下精英」榜單

Gordon Tsang 曾浩賢

Partner 合夥人

Stevenson, Wong & Co. 史蒂文生黃律師事務所

LexisNexis® 40 UNDER 40 2022 律商聯訊「40位40歲以下精英」榜單

Gordon Tsang has earned the gratitude of Partners at client firms for his excellent work on multiple listing engagements. They describe him as a professional lawyer who is highly responsive. He also possesses commercial acumen and a rigorous commitment to adding genuine value.

He and his five-strong team have advised over 15 companies on confidential filings and public filings for their NASDAQ listing applications. Their work for Hywin Holdings helped to raise gross proceeds of approximately US$30 million when the company was successfully listed.

In his own capacity, he serves as a legal advisor for multiple listed companies, and as a non-executive director for several. He’s also an Accredited Mediator who was invited to join the “Hong Kong and Macao Lawyers Talent Pool”, in 2020.

Gordon is highly proactive in sharing his knowledge. He has delivered Environmental Social Governance and Anti-corruption training to the directors and staff from over 60 listed companies.

In addition, he consistently delivers seminars on IPO and listing rules, speaks at forums and panels, and publishes insightful legal updates.

His colleagues praise his in-depth knowledge of business in Mainland China and his ability to embrace market movements and changes. Clients rely on his innovative and well-rounded solutions to new business challenges, which he provides with timely and pragmatic advice.

Gordon also has a strong sense of community. He has received recognition for his pro bono work for seven consecutive years by the Law Society of Hong Kong. He has served as honorary President of the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association and a Think Tank Member of Dashun Foundation since 2021.

曾浩賢(Gordon Tsang)在多個上市項目中的出色工作贏得了客戶公司合夥人的認可。 他們形容他是一位反應迅速的專業律師。 他還具有商業頭腦,並致力於增價真正的價值。

他和他的五人團隊為超過15家公司就其在納斯達克上市申請的機密檔案和公開檔案提供了建議。 當公司成功上市時,他們為Hywin Holdings的工作幫助籌集了約3000萬美元的總收益。

他以個人身份擔任多家上市公司的法律顧問,並擔任多家上市公司的非執行董事。 他也是2020年受邀加入“港澳律師人才庫”的認可調解員。

Gordon非常積極地分享他的知識。 他為超過60家上市公司的董事和員工提供了環境社會治理和反腐敗培訓。


他的同事稱讚他對中國內地業務的深入瞭解以及他對市場動向和變化的把握能力。 客戶依賴他的創新和全面的解決方案來應對新的業務挑戰,他提供及時和務實的建議。

Gordon也有很强的社區意識。 他的無償工作連續七年獲得香港律師會認可。 2021年起擔任香港女童子軍總會名譽會長及大順基金會智庫成員。