LexisNexis® 40 UNDER 40 2022 律商聯訊「40位40歲以下精英」榜單

Arthur Tso 曹嘉珩

Partner 合夥人

DLA Piper 歐華律師事務所

LexisNexis® 40 UNDER 40 2022 律商聯訊「40位40歲以下精英」榜單

With over 14 years of experience as a capital market specialist, Arthur has worked with major investment banks, large private equity funds and major corporations in China, Europe and the United States. He has also participated in numerous capital market fundraising exercises that were considered “novel” at the time. This includes the listing of Meitu, which was considered the first TMT company to achieve a listing on HKEx and marked the start of the “TMT boom” from 2016 onwards.

Arthur’s knowledge of various financing needs throughout the corporate lifecycle and his prior experience in the banking industry (Morgan Stanley) has allowed him to develop functional solutions for clients. This adds significant value to deal structuring and negotiation processes for a wide range of equity financing transactions. In recognition of his excellence, Arthur was promoted to partnership at Kirkland & Ellis in 2016.

In 2021, Arthur joined DLA Piper's Hong Kong office as a Corporate Partner. Despite the challenging conditions of the global capital market in 2021, he assumed a lead role in advising multiple high-profile equity fundraising transactions. Arthur is incredibly effective in managing relationships across functional teams for cross-border matters, which is critical to the success of the firm’s international platform.

Arthur has also devoted much effort to enhancing and improving the listing regime in Hong Kong. He actively participates in HKEx’s market consultations on rule amendments and reforms which are crucial in shaping the future of Hong Kong’s capital market industry.

曹嘉珩律師擁有超過 14 年的資本市場專家經驗,曾與中國、歐洲和美國的主要投資銀行、大型私募股權基金和大型公司合作。他還參與了許多當時被認為是“新奇”的資本市場籌款活動,這包括美圖公司的上市,該公司被認為是第一家在香港交易所上市的TMT公司,標誌著2016年以後“TMT繁榮”的開始。

曹律師對整個企業生命週期中各種融資需求的了解以及他在銀行業(摩根士丹利)的先前經驗使他能夠為客戶開發功能性解決方案,這為廣泛的股權融資交易的交易結構和談判過程增加了重要價值。為了表彰他的卓越表現,曹律師於 2016 年被提升為 Kirkland & Ellis 的合夥人。

2021 年,曹律師加入歐華律師事務所的香港辦事處,擔任企業合夥人。儘管 2021 年全球資本市場環境充滿挑戰,但他在為多項備受矚目的股權融資交易提供諮詢方面發揮了主導作用。 曹律師在管理跨職能團隊的跨境事務關係方面非常有效,這對於公司國際平台的成功至關重要。