LexisNexis® 40 UNDER 40 2022 律商聯訊「40位40歲以下精英」榜單

Anna Chan 陳韻祺

Partner, Head of Tax & Private Client

Oldham, Li & Nie 高李嚴律師行

LexisNexis® 40 UNDER 40 2022 律商聯訊「40位40歲以下精英」榜單

Anna Chan is the perfect litigator for complex commercial disputes. Her dual qualifications in law and accounting give her an edge over other litigators, especially those requiring forensic accounting and an understanding of financials.

She combines this with a solid banking and financial background which puts her in huge demand at OLN as a co-advisor in matters requiring her expertise.

Some of her cases attracted extensive media attention such as the probate and administration of Sir David Tang’s estate; the HK-Zuhai-Macau Bridge case; and the Convoy dispute.

She also takes on high-profile cases in the higher courts involving civil fraud, contentious regulatory matters, derivative actions, and shareholder disputes.

She’s received multiple awards and, in 2022, Asian Legal Business named her an Asia Super Dispute Lawyer.

Yet Anna’s masterpiece may be her founding of OLN’s Tax Advisory Department. She foresaw the market need for tax services combining accounting and legal expertise and formed a team of dual-qualified professionals to offer a one-stop service.

Under her leadership, the department is the main contributor to the firm’s business and revenue.

In the last five years, Anna also formed a strategic collaboration relationship with Mori Hamada, & Matsumoto, a Japanese Big Four law firm. Since then she’s represented other Japanese corporates such as JCB, MITSUI, and Hitachi, and OLN’s Japanese desk has experienced stellar growth.

Her heart for mutually beneficial outcomes shows in her CSR work as she mentors underprivileged teenagers from remote districts. She loves time with her team at karaoke, and she believes that a happy working environment is a key to retaining talent.

Anna Chan(陳韻祺)是負責處理複雜商業糾紛的完美訴訟律師人選。 她在法律和會計方面的雙重資格使她比其他訴訟律師更具優勢,尤其是那些需要法務會計和瞭解財務知識的訴訟案件。


她的一些案件引起了媒體的廣泛關注,例如鄧大衛爵士(Sir David Tang)的遺囑認證和遺產管理、港珠澳大橋案和車隊糾紛。



Anna的突出成就包括她創立了OLN的稅務諮詢部。 她預見市場對會計和法律專業知識相結合的稅務服務的需求,並組建了一支由雙重資格的專業人士組成的團隊,提供一站式服務。 在她的領導下,該部門是公司業務和收入的主要貢獻者。

在過去的五年,Anna還與日本四大律師事務所森濱田&松本律師事務所(Mori Hamada,& Matsumoto)建立了戰略合作關係。 從那時起,她代表其他日本公司,如JCB、三井和日立,OLN的日本業務部獲得驚人的增長。

當她指導來自偏遠地區的貧困青少年時,她的雙贏作風體現在她的企業社會責任工作中。 她喜歡與她的團隊一起卡拉OK共度休閑時光,她相信快樂的工作環境是留住人才的關鍵。