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National Workplace Survey Reveals American Professionals Overwhelmed, Headed for "Breaking Point"

Legal Professionals Particularly Impacted, According to the 2008 LexisNexis® Workplace Productivity Survey

NEW YORK, NY, February 26, 2008 - A national workplace survey reports that more than seven in ten American white collar workers feel inundated with information at their workplace, while more than two in five feel that they are headed for an information "breaking point." The survey of 650 white collar and knowledge workers found that employees across virtually every industry are affected by information overload, but that the problem is particularly acute in the legal profession - with almost eight in ten legal professionals saying they are increasingly overloaded with information.

The 2008 Workplace Productivity Survey, commissioned by LexisNexis - a leading global provider of business information solutions - is the first of this scope to look at the rising problem of information overload for the U.S. legal and professional fields.

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