LexisLibrary (UK)

LexisLibrary: The definitive research database that provides all the UK legal content you need, using a single interface.

Available online in a single resource, the LexisLibrary (UK) is a unique service providing efficient access to a comprehensive range of cases, commentary, legislation, forms, handbooks, news, journals, bulletins and handbooks.

  • Single interface gives comprehensive access to materials for every practice area
  • Catalogue of undisputed leading titles, many exclusive
  • Extensive coverage includes many journals, bulletins, news, and commentary
  • Twice-daily Stop Press tells you when legislation has changed
  • One resource tool that can be used by everyone in the firm
Efficient and Effective Online Research

Save valuable research time. Using our simple or advanced online searching, you will quickly find the information you need through LexisLibrary (UK). Perform comprehensive research by using the instant cross-referencing among commentary, cases, legislation and other legal materials.

Current and Comprehensive Coverage

At the click of a button, members of your firm can find over 300,000 cases and transcripts, as well as next-day delivery of case digests. LexisLibrary (UK)offers the most up-to-date UK legislation available anywhere. Our twice-daily Stop Press tells you when legislation has changed.

Unrivalled Coverage of Secondary Legal Content

Take advantage of many exclusive sources. LexisLibrary (UK) offers many forms, including the entire Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents and Atkins Court Forms.  UK law practitioners will appreciate the wide range of journals, bulletins, reviews, and news.

Extensive Legal Commentary

Delve deeper into an issue or legal topic. LexisNexis Library includes more than 160 commentary titles, including the renowned and authoritative Halsbury's Laws of England, Blackstone's Criminal Practice, and Butterworths Company Law Handbook.

Advise with confidence

Support your knowledge and ideas with accurate and timely research. LexisLibrary (UK)is the most authoritative source of UK legal materials. When you have access to the most comprehensive and reliable materials available, you can be confident that your firm’s advice represents the most current law.

Research with confidence

Find the cases that matter. LexisLibrary (UK) offers the best case, digest, and transcript coverage available, including many exclusive sources. You will find authoritative series such as the All England Law Reports, Industrial Relations Law Reports and Times Law Reports.

Research with efficiency

Reduce costs by using one resource tool to provide your firm with all the legislation, commentary, cases, news and journals you need. Everyone in your practice can access the same information, at the same time. There’s no need to share printed volumes; simply log into the LexisLibrary (UK) website.

Do I need a subscription to use LexisLibrary (UK) ?

Yes, you need a subscription to access our database. Please contact an account manager or the service desk about the options.

What are the costs of a subscription?

The costs of a subscription are based on the combination of several factors: access to multiple sources, number of employees, etc. If you have questions about the monthly subscription, please contact your account manager.

Learn more about LexisLibrary (UK)

Find out how LexisLibrary (UK) can help you save valuable research time and effort. Our account manager will be delighted give you a demonstration.

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