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Lexis® HK: The online research platform for Hong Kong practitioners, with extensive legal content and time-saving tools.

Lexis® HK is the most authoritative and vast encyclopaedic library of online local legal content. Lexis® HK serves your research needs with broad foundational content accompanied by the depth required of practice-area specific content from our widely respected titles.

Discover the power of research online and access the content you need, when you need it.

LexisNexis have been providing local Hong Kong legal content for more than 20 years, building on a heritage that spans over 200 years of legal publishing excellence around the globe. As our flagship local online platform Lexis® HK contains all our most esteemed products including titles such as Hong Kong Cases and Hong Kong Cases Unreported, Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong, and the Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong. We are proud that Lexis® HK is the largest database of local Hong Kong legal content, relied upon by countless legal practitioners, from academics to top law firms, to the high court.

An easy to use online platform, Lexis® HK makes research simple and effective. Our powerful and accurate search engine, combined with world class content, makes it easy to find what you need, when you need it. All LexisNexis authors and contributors are experts in their respective practice areas, giving you access to some of the greatest legal minds in Hong Kong. Content is updated daily, and titles are continually revised in line with the latest cases and developments.

Encyclopaedic and practical research

Widely respected titles such as Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong, Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Cases and CaseBase® allow you to conduct in-depth research across a vast array of commentaries, cases and legislation.

Practice-area specific research

Both practical and analytical commentaries on specific points of law, covering various practice areas discussing the application of the law as well as in-depth legal analysis.


We are the only provider of the reputable Atkin’s Court Forms for your contentious matters and Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents for non-contentious forms and precedents to guide you through your writ applications and drafting, accessible in easy downloadable Word format.

 Case alerts

Customised alerts: Set up personal case alerts to keep track of developments across selected lines of cases.

Daily alerts: Set up daily case alerts to be notified of new cases, sent directly to your email inbox.

Easy-use platform interface

Download documents into PDF or Word formats, or have them emailed to you for further use. My Bookshelf feature allows for quick and easy access to your favourite titles. Experience a new easy-to-use interface with a variety of platform features including preview screens, easy linking to next excerpts and expandable table of contents.


Bilingual search

Search in English or Chinese

We understand that every customer’s needs are different, and that our product range is broad. From the first year law student to the highly experienced partner or barrister, through to government agencies and international corporations, we offer a highly tailored legal research solution, built around your unique needs.

All customers are provided with a core of essential resources, our Foundations, tailored to the differing needs of law firms, barristers and in-house counsel. These can be supplemented by our Advanced content and Specialised Research resources, focused on your practice area needs.

We then combine these encyclopaedic resources with Lexis® Practical Guidance, a new workflow-based online solution. Practical Guidance provides a wide range of practical materials, including practice notes, precedents with drafting notes and alternative clauses and checklists. Practical Guidance integrates with your Lexis® HK account so that you can seamlessly leverage deep research and practical analysis.


Learn more about our content options for Law firms and in-house counsel

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Our Specialised Research resources cover all the key areas of legal practice in Hong Kong. Built around LexisNexis’ authoritative works and written by the best legal minds in Hong Kong they offer detailed, precise analysis of specific areas of the law. Including some of the most respected and authoritative loosleaf titles in Hong Kong, they are essential works for all legal practitioners.

Practice areas include:

  • Lexis® HK Banking, Finance & Securities
  • Lexis® HK Conveyancing
  • Lexis® HK Construction
  • Lexis® HK Company & Corporate
  • Lexis® HK Criminal
  • Lexis® HK Dispute Resolution
  • Lexis® HK Employment
  • Lexis® HK Family Law
  • Lexis® HK Intellectual Property
  • Lexis® HK Personal Injury
  • Lexis® HK Taxation

For more details of the specific products in each of our Specialised Research modules please contact Customer Support on +852 2179 7888 or using the online chat function.

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