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Conduct efficient Australian legal research with Lexis Australia, the definitive research tool providing you with in-depth, comprehensive and authoritative information.

LexisNexis AU increases efficiency and productivity for you and your firm through an online research solution that provides a tailored legal library at your fingertips. This research solution with its advanced search functionalities, intuitive interface and interlinked service, will not only reduce the amount of time spent on researching, it will also maintain your firm’s reputation by accessing the most trusted legal titles from Australia.

Why use Lexis Australia?

  • Hundreds of titles to choose from
  • Information is regularly updated to guarantee accuracy
  • Multiple search options to reduce the risk of irrelevant results
  • Regular enhancements based on your feedback
  • An intuitive interface to reflect your everyday workflow
  • An interlinked service to reduce the amount of time spent on researching
  • Integrates to the Lexis Affinity Library practice management system
  • Express Search provides direct links between LawNow Legislation, CaseBase Case Citator and Halsbury’s Laws of Australia
  • My Sources gives you instant access to the resources you subscribe to from the homepage
  • Quick Find allows you to quickly and easily search across multiple subscriptions at once from your homepage
  • Copy Link enables you to create a direct link to a document or search result. You can then copy the link and email it to your colleagues or file it for future reference
  • Integrated Research that has the ability to link to forms and precendents, practice management software and litigation solutions such as CaseMap
  • Alerts, Bulletins and Notifiers

To guarantee you have access to comprehensive and accurate information for your business needs, LexisNexis is proud to have leading Academics, Partners and Members of the Bench and Bar contribute towards our online Research Solutions. Our online authors include

  • Justice Robert AustinCorporations Law
  • Professor J W CarterContract Law
  • Richard ChisholmFamily Law
  • Professor H A J FordCorporations Law
  • Professor Gino Dal PontHalsbury's Laws of Australia, Financial Services and Solicitors Manual
  • Justice Dyson HeydonHalsbury's Laws of Australia and Evidence
  • Justice Rod HowieCriminal Law
  • Justice Peter JohnsonCriminal
  • Professor James LahoreCopyright and Designs, Intellectual Property and Patents, Trade Marks and Related Rights
  • Justice Kevin LindgrenCivil Litigation
  • Professor Harold LuntzTorts Law
  • Professor Dennis PearceAdministrative Law
  • Professor Ian RamsayCorporations Law
  • Peter Taylor SCCivil Procedure

Halsbury’s Laws of Australia
This comprehensive legal encyclopaedia includes 89 titles, providing a succinct overview of Australian law. Each topic, written and researched by an expert, is intensively checked to ensure accuracy. Commentary on principles of law is supported by extensive references to Australian legislative and judicial authority. Subscribing online offers hyperlinks to LawNow Legislation, Australian Current Law, CaseBase and numerous case report series. These provide access to full text judgments and legislation that allow you to see immediate changes affecting particular areas of the law.

LawNow Legislation
LawNow Legislation is Australia’s only completely inter-linked legal research service that offers legislation, cases and commentary from one site. Covering all Australian jurisdictions, and including Australia’s largest collection of historical legislation, LawNow delivers superior value. The new Express Search feature instantly connects the legislation you need, with all our subscribed cases and commentary, including links to and from CaseBase. You can now also cross-check the government websites, for extra peace of mind, with direct links from each Act or Regulation. LawNow Legislation is the simple, revolutionary, easy-to-use tool that saves time, minimises risk and makes your research workflow effortless.

CaseBase Case Citator
CaseBase is Australia’s most comprehensive and current case citator, placing more than 450,000 case citations, digests and journal articles at your fingertips with extensive links to the full text decisions in Unreported Judgments, dozens of Australian and international specialist Reports Series, Journals and CaseSearch (UK), CaseBase is indispensible for case law research. No other service includes both cases and journals in one package and now with more than 100,000 links to LawNow Legislation, CaseBase saves you even more research time and costs.

Unreported Judgments
Stay on top of the latest case law with LexisNexis Unreported Judgments, which gives you access to all High Court cases within 24 hours, Supreme Court cases within 8 hours and selected District Court cases within 96 hours of receipt. This service also links to and from other LexisNexis AU research tools like CaseBase. It provides full text judgments for over 156,000 decisions and a customised Daily Unreported Judgments Notifier delivered to your email inbox, where you can click directly through to the full judgment. By delivering a unique combination of content, search and alert functionality suited to your individual needs, Unreported Judgments allows you to stay up-to-date with case law from your desktop.

The Australian Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents
The Australian Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents is Australia’s most comprehensive one-stop reference for forms and precedents. It has over 4,000 non-litigious precedents and forms, covering more than 90 subject areas across all Australian jurisdictions. Key subject areas include intellectual property, corporations, sale of business, family, wills, employment and many other unusual areas of law. All secondary materials are prepared by experts and new titles and precedents are regularly added to reflect changes to the law. This valuable tool includes commentary, guidance on drafting precedents and is available online, from where most precedents are downloadable and can be saved as Word documents.