Hong Kong Cases

Hong Kong Cases: The premier, up-to-date bilingual law reporting service, covering court decisions dating back to 1946.

Hong Kong Cases makes available a comprehensive selection of the most significant decisions of, and appeals from, Hong Kong courts. This premier bilingual law reporting service provides expert case selections, including the most authoritative and relevant judgments of the Hong Kong superior courts.

  • Comprehensive: the most significant decisions and appeals from Hong Kong courts
  • Coverage: from 1946 to present
  • Timeliness: published every two weeks
  • Bilingual: Chinese catchwords and English summaries of Chinese judgments
  • Also available online
Relevant, Current, Authoritative

Get the information you need. Hong Kong Cases has quickly established itself as the premier, most up-to-date bilingual law reporting service in Hong Kong. Its expert case selections always including the most authoritative and relevant judgments of the superior courts of Hong Kong.


The catchwords in Hong Kong Cases appear in Chinese translation, as well as in English, with a Consolidated Index of Chinese catchwords appearing in each volume. Judgments handed down in Chinese are published alongside English summaries.


Rely on the accuracy of Hong Kong Cases. Our reporters are Hong Kong barristers, solicitors and academics from leading institutions.


Quickly find related information. The decisions analysed in Hong Kong Cases are cross-referenced to other major works, such as Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong, The Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong, commentaries and textbooks.

Clarity and Consistency

Make your research and analysis more efficient and effective.  The headnotes in Hong Kong Cases have been regularly lauded for their style.


Rely on Hong Kong Cases to bring you the most relevant authorities. The cases are hand-picked by expert editors.


Delve deeper into an issue or a legal topic. Hong Kong Cases includes headnotes written by experienced lawyers to help you to understand all the implications of a case.


Stay aware of court decisions and trends with Hong Kong Cases.  It is Hong Kong’s only independent generalist law reports, and it continues to inform you of new developments first.

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