Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong

A comprehensive legal encyclopaedia setting out the principles and leading authorities in every area of Hong Kong law.

This encyclopaedic work is the first point of reference for legal practitioners and academics. Cited in many superior court judgments, Halsbury's Laws of Hong Kong has gained a reputation for providing comprehensive, accurate and authoritative statements on Hong Kong law.

  • First published in 1995 and now in its 2nd edition
  • 45-volumes, regularly updated, with titles arranged in alphabetical order
  • Modernised layout, available in print and online

Statements of Law from the Experts
Take advantage of collective knowledge. Each title of Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong is carefully researched and compiled by experts in the field and provides a succinct statement of the law with extensive footnotes referring to all relevant Hong Kong case law and legislation.

User-friendly format
Quickly find the authority that you need. The second edition of Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong published its first volume in April 2011.  Subscribers appreciate the new and updated contents, the revised user-friendly format, and the modernised look and feel.

“Indispensable Research Tool”
"Halsbury's Laws of Hong Kong is a collection of wisdom and leading local cases. It is an indispensable research tool for practitioners."
- Douglas Kwok

“A Most Significant Contribution”
"Halsbury's Laws of Hong Kong will make a most significant contribution to the attainment of practical justice. For this reason we welcome its publication."
- Henry Litton, OBE

Start your legal research with Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong. It is your first point of research in an unfamiliar area of law.

Save time by getting answers to your legal questions as quickly as possible. Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong provides clear, concise statements of legal principles.

Know that your research is complete. Every statement is backed up by authorities to support your argument and facilitate further legal research.

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