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  1. LexisNexis® Company Dossier

    Online profiles of global companies

    An information database with millions of company profiles and financial reports, plus news of mergers and acquisitions.

  2. LexisNexis®CourtLink®

    Court docket access, document retrieval

    The leading online docket tracking and retrieval litigation tool, with 200 million court documents – including M&A suits.

  3. Lexis® China

    Chinese legal information research

    The most complete legal, bilingual information platform in the Chinese market, including investment and merger cases.

  4. Lexis® HK

    Online Hong Kong legal research tools

    An online research platform serving premium Hong Kong legal content, with commentaries, cases, legislation and forms related to mergers and acquisitions.


    Comprehensive online legal research

    The LexisNexis® flagship product, with 40,000 premium sources of legal, regulatory, business, news and M&A information.

  6. LexisNexis®Publisher

    Current awareness tool for publishing

    A web-based current awareness tool to select and publish news and LexisNexis® content throughout a firm or organisation.

  7. Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong

    Hong Kong law authoritative statements

    The only encyclopaedic first point of reference for statements of HK law, including business and corporate law titles.

  8. Hong Kong Cases

    Hong Kong’s leading-court decisions

    The premier, most current bilingual law reporting service in Hong Kong, with cases from HK courts dating back to 1946.

  9. Atkin's Court Forms Hong Kong

    Hong Kong civil proceedings court forms

    The only tool on the market for litigation lawyers with easy-to-modify forms for civil proceedings in Hong Kong courts.

  10. Hong Kong Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents - Second Edition

    Hong Kong Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents - Second Edition

    Leading source of non-contentious precedents for all major areas of HK law and practice, such as business organisations.

  11. The Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong

    Annotations of Hong Kong Ordinances

    An encyclopaedic work, with text and annotations of 139 important Hong Kong Ordinances, such as transfer of companies.

  12. Lexis®Diligence

    Cost-Effective Corporate Due Diligence

    Minimize reputational risk. Conduct comprehensive, cost-effective due diligence background checks, ongoing monitoring person.

  13. Nexis®

    Database service for news, market info

    Over 5 billion documents and records from over 35,000 sources of local and international news and business information.

  14. Nexis® Direct

    Database service for news,  and hard to find intelligence with a simple search

    Unique, premium content and information, giving decision-makers instant access to business intelligence and global news.

  15. LexisNexis® Matthew Bender®

    Expert legal analysis

    Matthew Bender® is a leading provider of analytical legal treatises and area of law titles.