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  1. Lexis® HK IP Module

    Online Hong Kong legal research tools

    Comprehensive content for the Hong Kong IP practitioner, including cases, laws, contract templates and expert commentary.

  2. LexisNexis® TotalPatent

    International up to date search databank

    An enhanced global research database with access to all published patent documents from 100 patent office authorities.

  3. IP DataDirect (IPDD)

    Comprehensive, enriched patent bulk info

    The IPDD tool and database deliver comprehensive worldwide patent filings in bulk from 22 full-text authorities.

  4. LexisNexis® PatentOptimizer

    Patent application and analysis tool

    A platform to help develop internally consistent and well-tailored patent applications and to streamline claim analysis.

  5. Lexis® China IP Module

    Chinese legal information research

    Quickly access invaluable IP practice materials, including expert analysis, caselaw, Handbooks, and Daily Updates in China market.


    Comprehensive online legal research

    The LexisNexis® flagship product, with 40,000 premium sources of legal, regulatory, business, news and IP information.

  7. LexisNexis®CourtLink®

    Court docket access, document retrieval

    The leading online docket tracking and retrieval litigation tool, with 200 million court documents – including IP suits.

  8. LexisNexis® Matthew Bender®

    Expert legal analysis

    Matthew Bender® is a leading provider of analytical legal treatises and area of law titles.